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Past gigs:

1.12.2018 Pub Pilvenhattara, Nummela
30.11.2018 Cafe Zoceria, Espoo
17.11.2018 Rock At Sea-cruise, M/S Cinderella, Stockholm, Sweden
16.11.2018 Rock At Sea-cruise, M/S Cinderella, Stockholm, Sweden
9.11.2018 Private Party, Helsinki
3.11.2018 Bar Base, Helsinki, record release party
1.9.2018 Semifinal, Helsinki
4.8.2018 Private Party, Helsinki
25.5.2018 Semifinal, Helsinki, with The Wyman Family
17.3.2018 Rock At Sea-cruise, M/S Cinderella, Stockholm, Sweden
2.3.2018 Sture Cafe Club, Helsinki
20.1.2018 Bar Edgar, Loimaa
19.1.2018 Cafe Zoceria, Espoo
30.11.2017 Jack The Rooster, Tampere
10.11.2017 Private Party (guest appearance), Sture 21, Helsinki
23.9.2017 Private Party (guest appearance), Elmun baari, Helsinki
12.8.2017 Baseidon Festival, Bar Base, Helsinki
5.8.2017 Private Event, Helsinki
4.8.2017 Semifinal, Helsinki
22.4.2017 Old Cock, Lappeenranta
1.4.2017 Pub Pilvenhattara, Nummela
17.3.2017 Bar Base, Helsinki, album release party
17.12.2016 Private party, Karkkila
30.7.2016 Rocktopussy Fest, Kotka
30.4.2016 Ace Corner Finland, Lahti
21.8.2015 Old Cock, Lappeenranta
27.12.2014 Hard Rock House, Helsinki
22.11.2014 Eikan Pub, Järvenpää
18.10.2014 Old Cock, Lappeenranta
17.10.2014 Pub Pilvenhattara, Nummela
10.10.2014 Bar Base, Helsinki, album release gig&party
5.4.2014 Private Party, Helsinki
2010-2011 Club Liberte, Helsinki, On The Rocks, Helsinki, etc

Live at Bar Base, 2017 -gigs

Photo: Jari Flinck