All recorded tracks have been handed over to Ola Ersfjord for the mix. We are really looking forward to the results. This new album is going to be sooooo good!!



All the basic instrument and vocal tracks are now done for the new album. We’ll take a short brake from tracking and will get back in business later. Then the final backing vocal tracks and percussion and any special thingies are tracked before the mixing starts.

At this point we are more than happy. It’s gonna be a killer album.



Happy to let y’all know that we have begun to work on our fourth, yet untitled album. Tracking will be done once again in the Yellow Garage. Technical Supervisor is El Jefe de Jefes aka. Mr. Hynde as usual. No surprises so far.

However this time we are handing out the tracks for mixing and mastering to Ola Ersfjord. Ola has worked with bands like Imperial State Electric, Lucifer, Tribulation, Grande Royale, Night Viper, etc. as well as The “mighty” Hellacopters.

Our cooperation with Eric “Roscoe” Ambel has been great on the two latest albums and we wish him all the best. Thank you Roscoe!

Now we are super excited and happy to work with Ola and this way we turn a new page in this book called Rock’n’Roll.

More info about Ola Ersfjord here:  https://olaersfjord.persona.co/

Neljäs pitkäsoitto

Uutisista päivää. Olemmekin jo aloittaneet neljännen pitkäsoiton äänitykset. Osa rumpuraidoista on jo plakkarissa. Äänitykset tehdään jälleen kerran Yellow Garagessa ja teknikkona häärää taas Mr. Hynde, tuo orjapiiskureiden orjapiiskuri, joka on erittäin ankara etenkin laulajalle ja kitarismeille. :) Ei yllätyksiä tähän asti siis.

Tällä kertaa kuitenkin annamme aikanaan viestikapulan miksauksen ja masteroinnin kohdalla Ola Ersfjordille. Ola on työskennellyt mm. sellaisten bändien kanssa kuin Imperial State Electric, Lucifer, Tribulation, Grande Royale, Night Viper sekä The Hellacopters.

Yhteistyö Eric “Roscoe” Ambelin kanssa oli erittäin antoisaa ja kahden albumin verran todella sujuvaa. Kiitokset Roscoelle vielä!

Nyt kuitenkin uutta intoa puhkuen käännetään rokkenrollin päiväkirjassa uusi sivu Olan kanssa ja rokataan kannat kattoon!
Ola Ersfjordin tekemisiin voi tutustua täällä: https://olaersfjord.persona.co/


Ok, so everything is now on hold because of the corona virus and self quarantine. We decided to choose safety and stay at our homes instead of dragging ourselves to the studio. Better safe than sorry. There’s still time to make the album when the freaking virus has slowed down and hopefully disappeared.

We want to share some new music with you though. Here is a demo recording of one of the new tracks: “Do It Now”. Dig it, stay safe and remember to keep rock’n’roll alive.


Hey! Pre-production has begun! We have about 10 songs we are working on right now. Planning on recording them before the summer but no rush. We haven’t set us a deadline yet. Stay tuned!
Uutta albumia siis on alettu nyt työstämään. Kymmenkunta biisiä koeponnistetaan ja ennen kesää olisi tarkoitus saada äänitykset tehtyä. Pysy kanavalla!
Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive!


Welcome 2020. We are ready.
The last gig of 2019 was a blast and there are couple of pics below.

First gig of 2020 is on January 25th in Forssa, Finland with the Los Taco’s Blues Band. After that we begin pre-production. Yeah, we are going to make a new album this year. It’s gonna be rockin’ and rollin’. As usual… #keeprocknrollalive




Oh yeah!


So we were capable of arranging the 10 year anniversary gig after all. Boy, aren’t we efficient. :D

Teemu Lindberg is sharing the stage with us and if you know Teemu you know there will be energy in the house. This is going to be a one helluva ride. Join us if you can.

Ja sama Suomeksi. Juhlakeikkaa pukkaa.

And the date is 21.12.2019 on päivämäärä. Bar Base, Kalevankatu, Helsinki.

21.12.19 Bar Base, Helsinki


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