Awesome shots by Saara Planting. More pics on our FB page. #Keeprocknrollalive


Bass tracks are done and it is time for guitar. Then a little more guitar…

Two Fender Pro Juniors


Oh yeah, all drum tracks were tracked April 7.-8. We are working on 14 songs for the next album as well as couple extras.

Some bass parts were also finalized but we will continue with bass next. Things are looking great!


Ok, March gigs are now done and it was fun. Rock At Sea-cruise was excellent. Sailing the seas of rock’n’roll…we still want to thank all the (drunk and very drunk) people onboard as well as the staff (NO NI). Everything was great!

Rock at Sea gig onboard M/S Cinderella 17th March 2018

Rock at Sea – cruise gig onboard M/S Cinderella 17th March 2018

But now the work begins. We start tracking the final demos, make some final adjustments and arrangements if necessary and then the actual tracking begins. At this point we are working on 13 original tunes for the “Next Exit” follow up. The third album has no title yet…or does it… maybe. We’ll let you know later. All tracking will be done at the Yellow Garage again.

Lotsa a work but it will be a killer album. Promise. Be cool and rock on!!


Photos: Jari Flinck. March 2nd 2018



First two gigs done for this still brand new year and gosh darn, it was fun again. Next two gigs coming up in March and in the meantime we continue the pre-production for the new album. Stay tuned.

Hyvät keikat Espoossa ja Loimaalla ja tästä jatketaan taas uuden levyn esivalmisteluhommia. Maaliskuussa sitten pari keikkaa tiedossa. Tulkaa tsekkaan!

Bar Edgar, Loimaa, Finland 20.1.2018

Bar Edgar, Loimaa, Finland 20.1.2018



Cool, we made top 30 on Music God CJ Plain’s “Best of 2017 Top 30 Southern Rock/Blues” list. Always nice and highly appreciated when our music is noted somewhere. Thank you CJ Plain.

Best of 2017 Top 30 Southern Rock/Blues

Best of 2017 Top 30 Southern Rock/Blues


Unless something unexpected happens the Tampere gig on November 30th will be the last of 2017. After that we will start rehearsing the new songs and will begin the pre-production phase for the next album.

We now have 13-14 tunes to work with and damn they are good. As the cliche goes “the next album will be better than the previous one”. Ha. But the songs are catchier and more rockin’ but still in our style. Style which is hard to define. Rock music. That’s what it is.

So we’re already looking forward to work on the songs, recording and finally releasing the yet untitled album. But one thing at a time.

Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive!

Uusia biisejä on rustailtu ja aletaan hiomaan niistä karkeita timantteja. Ei liian hienoa. Rokkimeiningillä. Yks kerrallaan.


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