Ok, we played the Baseidon Festival 2019 (pic) and that was one helluva gig. Fun times, man, fun times.

Next we are playing at the Harley Davidson Club of Finland’s End of Season Rally in Ikaalinen, Finland. After that the future gigwise remains open. Maybe we should arrange something before Christmas to celebrate the Holidays and our 10th anniversary. We’ll see…

Meanwhile couple of new songs have appeared and we will start tracking some demos. Intresting tunes. I digs them. #keeprocknrollalive



It’s been a bit quiet here and gigwise but we have been active all through the winter. Done some tinkering with equipment and some test tracking. Writing some lyrics and songs too.

Little over a month to the next gig. Can’t wait. Keep on rocking.


Hope the year has started well and all is good. We are makin’ plans for this year which is band’s 10th anniversary year.

Meanwhile listen to our albums on Bandcamp or other sites and if you’d like to buy any cd’s just send us email.

Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive


Drive And Out is now streaming and available for download or on CD. Here are some links:
-First of all you can buy the CD from the band directly. Just give us a shout!
-Also available on Deezer, Tidal and all other major sites for streaming and download…
If you stream, cool, but if you like it, consider buying the album and help us keep rock’n’roll alive!! Thank y’all!!
Ja sama Suomeksi!! Rokkia kansalle!!


Second single off the upcoming DRIVE AND OUT album that is released on November 2nd, 2018. Song written by Devil Dog Road, lyrics by Hynde, arranged by Devil Dog Road & Eric Ambel.

Eric Ambel also plays keyboards & percussion on this track.

And the single on Spotify


Devil Dog Road releases band’s third album “DRIVE AND OUT” on Friday November 2nd 2018. There are 14 original tunes on the album, which changes the band’s focus more towards classic hard rock. Music still has rootsy origins but emphasis is now more on catchy choruses and driving rhythm. Some vibes from 70’s and classic Aussie rock as well as other “stockholm-new yorkish” influences.

Album was recorded in the Yellow Garage, Helsinki, Finland in April 7th – July 2nd 2018 and it was mixed by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel and mastered by Mario Viele in Brooklyn, NY, USA. Album is produced and published by Devil Dog Road.

Devil Dog Road is:

Hynde Hynönen – vocals and guitar

Tapo Leppänen – drums and vocals

Arto “Pieni” Iso-Antila – bass and vocals

First single from “DRIVE AND OUT” is the album title song “Drive And Out” and you can check it out here: Soundcloud and YouTube

For more details, please email ddogrd@gmail.com


Devil Dog Road julkaisee bändin kolmannen pitkäsoiton “DRIVE AND OUT” perjantaina 2. marraskuuta 2018. Albumilla on 14 omaa biisiä ja musa kallistuu tällä levyllä enemmän klassisen hard rockin suuntaan. Juurevat perinteet paistavat edelleen läpi, mutta paino on tällä kertaa selvästi enemmän tarttuvien kertosäkeiden ja rytmikkään jyystön suunnalla. 70-lukuiset ja aussirock vibat ja muut “Tukholma-New York”-akselin vaikutteet tuovat uutta kulmaa bändin musaan.

Levy äänitettiin Yellow Garagessa, Helsingissä 7.4.-2.7.2018 ja levyn on miksannut, kuten edellisenkin albumin, Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, Brooklyn, NY, USA:ssa ja masteroinnin hoiti toinen Brooklynin luottomies Mario Viele. Albumin on tuottanut ja sen julkaisee Devil Dog Road itse.

Devil Dog Road on:

Hynde Hynönen – laulu ja kitara

Tapo Leppänen – rummut ja laulu

Arto “Pieni” Iso-Antila – basso ja laulu

Ensimmäisen singlen “Drive And Out” voit kuunnella täältä: Soundcloud ja YouTube

Levyjulkkarikeikka on Bar Basessa (Kalevankatu, Helsinki) lauantaina marraskuun 3.


Mario Viele has done his job and man did he do a great job! You guys still have to be patient but the album release is getting closer. More news soon!


Our third album, Drive And Out, is getting done step by step. Eric “Roscoe” Ambel has now finished mixing and the tracks are forwarded to Mario Viele for mastering. Exciting times. #Keeprocknrollalive


Baseidon Festival 2018

Baseidon Festival 2018


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