Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive has now been released as a CD and digitally on Bandcamp. Album will be available on Spotify and other digital platforms February 26th.

You can buy the album from the band directly or Record Shop X.

Digital download from Bandcamp. And also CD option is now added to Bandcamp.


Single and track #7 off the upcoming “Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive” album which is released on January 29th, 2021.
This song was the last one added to the list during the recording sessions. There’s a reason for it. Damn good track. :D
Song written, produced and published by Devil Dog Road. Mixed and mastered by Ola Ersfjord.



Second single from Devil Dog Road’s upcoming fourth album, Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive, sessions.

Song written by Lou Reed. Originally apperaring on The Velvet Underground album Loaded in 1970. The Runaways released their version of this song on their self-titled album in 1976.

Leaning more to The Runaways version Devil Dog Road recorded this awesome tune of which Lou Reed wrote, “‘Rock and Roll’ is about me. If I hadn’t heard rock and roll on the radio, I would have had no idea there was life on this planet. Which would have been devastating – to think that everything, everywhere was like it was where I come from. That would have been profoundly discouraging. Movies didn’t do it for me. TV didn’t do it for me. It was the radio that did it.”
Songs with stories are best songs.

Released under a license. Copyright EMI Blackwood Music Inc o/b/o Oakfield Avenue Music Ltd.

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Single cover art Petri Rotsten and original photo Kimmo Virta.
Video shot by Devil Dog Road and edited by Hynde.


Keep Rock'n'Roll Alive - album cover
Album cover art Petri Rotsten. Photo Kimmo Virta.

Devil Dog Road’s motto, KEEP ROCK’N’ROLL ALIVE, is the name of the fourth album which will be released on January 29th 2021. The album title says it all. It’s what the band is all about – keeping rock music alive and spreading it everywhere as much as possible.

Previous album’s “stockholm-new yorkish” vibes were this time extended further as the mixing and mastering was done by a Swede, Ola Ersfjord, instead of the Brooklyn, NY team Ambel/Viele. Madrid based Ersfjord has worked with bands like Imperial State Electric, Lucifer, Tribulation, Grande Royale, Night Viper, etc. as well as The “mighty” Hellacopters. 

There are 11 tracks on the Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive physical album. All originals, written and arranged by the band. Album is also produced and published by Devil Dog Road. In the same process two bonus tracks were recorded and the other one a cover, Rock and Roll by Lou Reed, is released as a single on December 4th 2020. 

Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive sounds slightly more Scandinavian than the two previous Devil Dog Road albums. Songs are still though from all corners of the rock genre and sometimes shake the boundaries. Maybe the boundaries are this time a little closer to each other. Listen and find out! Keep rock’n’roll alive!


Devil Dog Road motto, KEEP ROCK’N’ROLL ALIVE, on myös 29. tammikuuta 2021 julkaistavan, bändin neljännen albumin nimi. Puheet rokin kuolemasta ovat selkeästi ennenaikaisia ja Devil Dog Road tekee kaikkensa omalta osaltaan pitääkseen tämän hienoimman musiikkilajin hengissä. Hyvää sanomaa ja musaa pitää levittää. 

Edellisen albumin “tukholma-new york”-akselin henkeä vahvistetaan edelleen ja siinä suuressa roolissa on albumin miksannut ja masteroinut ruotsalainen Ola Ersfjord. Madridissa päämajaansa pitävä Ola on työskennellyt aiemmin mm. Imperial State Electric, The Hellacopters, Lucifer, Tribulation, Grande Royale, Night Viper, jne. bändien kanssa. 

Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive albumilla on 11 biisiä, kaikki bändin omaa käsialaa. Devil Dog Road on myös tuottanut ja julkaisee albumin itse. Albumin äänityssessioissa tallennettiin myös kaksi bonusbiisiä, joista toinen Rock and Roll, Lou Reedin kirjoittama klassikko, julkaistaan sinkkuna 4. joulukuuta 2020.

Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive soundaa kokonaisuudessaan enemmän skandinaaviselta kuin edeltävät kaksi Devil Dog Road albumia, mutta bändi pitää edelleen kiinni vapaudesta tehdä erilaisia rockbiisejä, välillä ravistellen genren raja-aitoja. Sektori on tällä albumilla kuitenkin kaventunut vai onko. Sehän selviää sitten kuuntelemalla. Pidetään rokki hengissä!





All recorded tracks have been handed over to Ola Ersfjord for the mix. We are really looking forward to the results. This new album is going to be sooooo good!!



All the basic instrument and vocal tracks are now done for the new album. We’ll take a short brake from tracking and will get back in business later. Then the final backing vocal tracks and percussion and any special thingies are tracked before the mixing starts.

At this point we are more than happy. It’s gonna be a killer album.



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