Rock and Roll – new video

Second single from Devil Dog Road’s upcoming fourth album, Keep Rock’n’Roll Alive, sessions.

Song written by Lou Reed. Originally apperaring on The Velvet Underground album Loaded in 1970. The Runaways released their version of this song on their self-titled album in 1976.

Leaning more to The Runaways version Devil Dog Road recorded this awesome tune of which Lou Reed wrote, “‘Rock and Roll’ is about me. If I hadn’t heard rock and roll on the radio, I would have had no idea there was life on this planet. Which would have been devastating – to think that everything, everywhere was like it was where I come from. That would have been profoundly discouraging. Movies didn’t do it for me. TV didn’t do it for me. It was the radio that did it.”
Songs with stories are best songs.

Released under a license. Copyright EMI Blackwood Music Inc o/b/o Oakfield Avenue Music Ltd.

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Single cover art Petri Rotsten and original photo Kimmo Virta.
Video shot by Devil Dog Road and edited by Hynde.